How does PartPay work?

If your order size is between $50 and $800 then you are able to use PartPay as a payment method in store when paying for your order. PLEASE CONTACT IN STORE TO USE Partpay. You can email us at or call 09 2713773. We will send you a link for PartPay where you can sign up or sign in with PartPay (there’s no paperwork, the ID and credit assessment is done online in a few seconds). Pay your first 25% from your debit or credit card. Get your stuff sent right away. You now pay the rest off 25% at a time every fortnight. Pay no fees and no interest ever (unless you miss a payment – see below about what happens then, and to answer any other common questions). 

You can visit the PartPay Website for more info . You can sign up for new account.

Do you really mean no interest and no fees?

Yes – but if you miss an instalment PartPay will charge a default fee. The default fee is $8 and a further $8 for every week the payment is outstanding.

Can I make an early repayment?

Sure. Just log on to your customer account at PartPay and follow the instructions. If you have any trouble, please email PartPay at

Why wasn’t I accepted?

The PartPay system assesses a number of different factors and includes inputs from third parties such as identity verification and credit assessment providers. Unfortunately, PartPay can’t provide any detail as to why you might have been turned down this time, but it might be worth trying again later. You can still always use another payment method.

What limit can I buy up to?

PartPay platform will assess total credit limit based on many factors for an individual and inputs from third party data sources. The individual limit does increase over time assuming all instalments are paid on time.

How do the default fees work?

If PartPay can’t take an instalment payment, then the next day an $8 default fee is added to your PartPay account. They will also apply a further $8 for every week the instalment is unpaid.


Will you remind me about my instalments?

Yes, PartPay will drop you a text and email you the day before they take the instalment payment, but it is still down to you to ensure there are sufficient funds to make each instalment payment.

Sorry I was late for one of my instalment payments – how do I fix it?

No problem. Please log on to your PartPay account via PartPay website and follow the instructions to make a payment. If you are having trouble please email them at

 How do returns work?

Returns are handled by The Homestore Online. Once any refund is agreed and in accordance with The Homestore Online terms and conditions, we will confirm to PartPay in writing and they will process the payment. PartPay cannot process any refunds without The Homestore Online written approval.

 Why can’t I see any refund in my bank account yet?

This can take a little time depending on the different banks. If it’s been over 5 working days since you received email confirmation of the refund then please email them at

 How do I update my details?

Please log on to your account via PartPay website and follow the instructions.

Are my details safe?

Yes. PartPay website is SSL secure and they do not store your full debit card details. All payments are handled by Payment Express, a secure PCI compliant New Zealand based payment gateway. They only deal with your information in accordance with PartPay privacy policy, which you can find at their website.